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Welcome to Leisure Time Golf Carts!

Leisure Time Golf Carts is one of the oldest golf cart dealers in South Carolina. Our vehicles are used virtually everywhere, from golf courses and communities to college campuses - from industrial complexes to construction sites - from farms and ranches to hotels and resorts - from the backwoods to shopping malls. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for work, recreation or personal use, we have a cart designed to meet your needs.

Leisure Time Golf Carts now stocks a wide selection of pre-owned Club Car Golf Carts. See our current cart selections...

We Offer:
  • One Year Warranty on Golf Carts
  • Affordable Financing Available

Our trained technicians, extensive product knowledge, accurate and dependable service, plus our courteous sales staff all contribute to your satisfaction with a cart from Leisure Time Golf Carts.

And you can find the parts and accessories you need at Leisure Time. No matter what your needs or desires for your cart we can provide the part or upgrade for you. Find out more...

Our trucks are fully equipped to provide on-site and at-home service, repairs and maintenance. We also provide pick-up and delivery of your cart should it be necessary. Find out more about our services...

And if you have any questions we are just a phone call or email away. Contact us

PLEASE NOTE: We do not quote prices over the phone or internet.

Leisure Time Golf Carts
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